Genting International - A Member of Genting Group
Genting International - A Member of Genting Group


Much as in art, sport touches a wide spectrum of people, including spectators and participants alike. Sport not only engages the public with beneficial physical activity but also inspires through the superhuman effort and dedication shown by professional and amateur athletes across a spectrum of disciplines. 

Genting Hong Kong takes pride in contributing to the steady growth of golf in Mainland China. This commitment to the game has
been solidified over the past two years through the continued sponsorship of the budding China Professional Golf Association (CPGA). The company also sponsored 10 of the top Chinese professional golfers and has since formed the Genting Golf Team. The company’s unwavering support has steadily procured results, as demonstrated by the increase of international golf players participating in CPGA tournaments. The tour itself has also expanded in scale with tournaments spanning across a number of cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Tangshan and Hainan.


Besides golf, the company is also tapping into soccer’s global popularity to engage children with the sport. In August 2011, Genting Hong Kong organized a group of underprivileged children to meet with English Premier League football club Aston Villa and its club ambassador Ian Taylor in Hong Kong as part of the Group's two-year main sponsor partnership with the club. Using his professional football career as a shining example, Taylor imparted the valuable lesson of pursuing one’s dreams with tenacity and dedication to the children.


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